Contemporary New Builds


We are currently awaiting on planning for a new dwelling in Keyston, Cambridgeshire. The design is very traditional looking from the front elevation due to its location within a conservation area and adjacency to listed buildings. Where as internally and at the rear the design is very contemporary. We wanted to feature this on our blog, as we are particularly proud of the final design and would like to use this as a case study of what TMV can achieve.

We have worked with this client/developer on another project before and have really enjoyed the whole process. The client has a high standard of design, which when combined with our expertise has resulted in both a visually stunning and highly functional home. 

The Lighthouse in Loddington:

The client purchased the site in Loddington with existing planning permission, although this was for a pitched roof bungalow with a much smaller footprint and a very traditional design. Following a successful, secondary planning application in November 2016, work began on site for a larger (2800 sq ft) flat roof bungalow with 3 metre ceilings sweeping throughout the entire open plan, horseshoe shaped dwelling. The front elevation had been kept relatively plain in order to allow the new build to blend with the surrounding vernacular. On the other hand the rear facade holding the majority of the glazing, offset against the pure white render and natural ashlar limestone, that encompassed the entire construction, allowed for a highly contemporary finish. The rear glazing further utilised the views of the garden and surrounding fields, as well as being a passive design feature. The flat roof design allowed for the installation of solar panels, combined with the utilisation of solar gain on the rear facade lead to an overall sustainably satisfying design. We are very pleased with the finish of this home in Loddington and have featured on our work page on our website; additional pictures have also been included below to show both the design process and the completed project. 

Current Project:

As for the current project, the submitted proposal is for another single storey, contemporary dwelling. The design again utilises the views from the rear, through the repeated use of large bifold doors; this allows for not only views out but also the occupants to open up multiple rooms to the outside. The site for this project was slightly unusual compared to the previous, this prompted the creation of an unconventional floorplan layout. The rationalised Z shape used for the floorplan made optimal use of the site as it avoids the various root protection areas, using the maximum footprint of the site that is possible. The client has specified a more traditional twist on the design for the facade, to again allow the completed dwelling to blend sufficiently with the surrounding area. The feathered, black timber cladding conforms to barn vernacular, but still allowing for a modern finish when combined with the contemporary glazing. The timber facade will also fuse well with the immediate site context of shrubs and trees. The proposal is currently in planning with Huntingdonshire District Council so the full drawing package can be viewed there, although pictures have also been included below. We are excited to see how this project progresses and will as always keep you updated throughout the process.

Ellie Stamp